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At Impacto ED, our mission is to cultivate leaders capable of guiding through uncertainty and leading change towards a more sustainable future.



Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a focus on Business and Marketing from the School of Propaganda and Marketing (ESPM-Brazil). Fabricio is an outstanding leader in the social and environmental impact sector. Con experiencia internacional,trabaja en Europa y Latinoamérica en la formación de líderes y creación de redes sostenibles. Ocupó puestos clave en New Ventures México y AIESEC Brasil, colaborando con instituciones comoMondelēz, Santander y Volkswagen. Es fundador de Impacto Experience & Development y es Líder Responsable de la BMW FoundationHerbert Quandt.

He is certified as a Design Producer, Planning, and Coordination of Encounters by the prestigious Condé Nast College Vogue Spain. Additionally, he holds a certification in Interior Decoration from Centro Educación Continua, one of the most recognized institutions for the professionalization of creativity in Mexico. He is a +B Consultant and is committed to giving his projects a sustainable approach. His experience allows him to create innovative proposals, responding precisely to the goals of each organization. An expert in Design Thinking and community creation, his work also includes collaborations with organizations such as Fomin-BID, Johnson & Johnson, and Levoca in the United Kingdom, leading projects in multiple countries.



He studied Actuarial Science at UDLAP, obtained a master’s degree in International Finance from IEAF (Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts) in Spain, and is an International Financial Advisor certified by the ACIIA (Association of Certified International Investment Analysts) in Germany. He is a speaker and expert in sales and finance With over 17 years of dedication, his passion is to catalyze human potential, empowering individuals to generate more value and achieve their life goals.

He has collaborated with prominent financial institutions such as Citigroup, Santander, and Vector, and is a certified International

Financial Advisor by ACIIA in Germany.

As a certified Coach by Erickson Coaching International in Canada, he has positively influenced numerous companies such as Seguros Monterrey New York Life, Johnson & Johnson, Banco Santander, among others.

Passionate about exploring the world, he has left his mark in more than 45 countries and 10 cities, guiding others towards personal fulfillment.



With a background in Communications, he fuses diverse perspectives in his projects. From designing executive conferences at the Institute for International Research to coordinating courses at JD Edwards Co, she has accumulated a rich background.

Her focus evolved towards institutional management, standing out as Facilities Manager at Oracle LATAM, where she led projects in multiple countries, balancing cultures and guidelines.

Carla is a +B Consultant supporting companies in their sustainability diagnosis. She excels in project development and follow-up, group facilitation. Her passion lies in bringing people together to achieve joint goals.