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To facilitate the sustainable growth and development of leaders committed to social impact by providing consulting services, meetings and training that enhance their skills and enable them to lead significant changes in society.


To be a global reference in consulting services, meetings and specialized training for leaders, being recognized for our professionalism and ability to inspire and facilitate significant changes in society, promoting a focus on social and environmental impact.


Commitment to Equality: We are committed to promoting and defending equality in all its forms, actively working to eliminate discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, and any other characteristic.


Sustainability: We strive to integrate sustainable practices into all our operations and services, fostering the adoption of approaches respectful of society and the environment.

Transparency and Accountability: We operate with transparency in all our interactions, promoting honesty and integrity in all business transactions. We hold ourselves accountable for the impact of our actions on society and the environment, constantly seeking ways to improve and contribute positively to the community in which we operate.

Collaboration: We value collaboration as a fundamental tool for addressing social and environmental challenges. We seek to establish strong partnerships with organizations and leaders, recognizing that significant change is only possible through collective efforts and collaborative approaches.

Integral Human Development: We care about the overall well-being of our employees. We aim not only to promote professional growth but also to foster personal development and achieve a balance between work and personal life.

Purposeful Innovation: We encourage innovation with a clear purpose: to generate positive social and environmental impact.



Having a board in a company is crucial for gaining a variety of perspectives, experience, and knowledge that enrich decision-making and contribute to sustainable growth.

The contribution of our board members has been instrumental in developing stronger strategies, establishing strategic partnerships, and adapting swiftly to an ever-changing business environment.

At Impacto EDL, we deeply value the diversity of opinions and the richness that collaboration between business leaders and impact leaders from different countries and areas of expertise brings.

Our current board is composed of entrepreneurs and leaders from various sectors:

Cristina Yoshida: Social Innovation Creative & Facilitator.
Enrique García García: Strategic Planning & PMO Director at Grupo Nueva Pescanova.
Renata Faría: Network Organizer for Latin America Network Organizer for Latin America BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.
Roger Quaresma: Talent Acquisition Strategy Manager at BT.

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